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Partner with the digital marketing agency proven to deliver results (that’s us). We help small businesses grow by building beautiful websites and helping them get found on Google.

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Lead generation digital marketing

Ready to leverage digital marketing to grow your business?

We serve growth-oriented companies with web design, PPC, and SEO to grow their business and generate better leads. We build high-end websites AND get them in front of your customers on Google.

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Dedicated to driving digital marketing results

We aren’t your average digital agency. We’re much more.

We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients – we prefer to be growth partners. We believe everyone deserves honesty, transparency, and real results. We believe that web design, SEO, and PPC has the power to transform the businesses of our clients.

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Frank Schaefer, founder & CEO
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Take the first step by scheduling a call. We’ll discuss your business goals and determine if we’re the right partner for you.

We aim to be your partner in growth. We believe in communication, relationships, honesty, and results.

If we determine we’re the correct partner for you, we’ll schedule an in-depth discovery call with all your decision makers present!

Commonly asked questions

Digital marketing as an industry is often full of nonsense, fluff, and muddy communication. There are many companies out there that don’t care about forming relationships with their clients – these companies are known for their “churn and burn” tactics. We aren’t like those companies. We take a vested interest in your success and in building a long-term relationship with you. We want to be your digital marketing partner for years to come.

Everything we do, custom web design, PPC management services, SEO services – it’s all done in order to help your business drive long-term traffic and leads. We are committed to driving results for our clients. We believe in honesty, no bullshit, results, and relationships. When you work with us, everything will be laid out clearly and communicated. We are proud to be a no long-term contract agency.

Our website design process can range from $2,000 – $12,000 depending on the complexity, design, and number of pages. Most often we build custom websites from scratch so our clients get a unique website that suits their business. We do offer customized template websites for clients that have a budget at the lower end of our range.

Our monthly SEO plans run between $500 – $2,000 for the majority of clients. The pricing depends on the amount of content you would like us to write for you, as well as the number of backlinks built per month. Organic content and link building are the two most important aspects of increasing website rankings.

Our PPC management services start at 15% of monthly ad spend with a monthly minimum of $600.

Pay-per-click (PPC) will get most businesses measurable results the quickest. However, that doesn’t mean it is the correct fit for all businesses.

If you would like to begin digital marketing but don’t know where to start, please contact us and we can schedule a free 30 minute strategy session to talk about the best tactics for your business. The best part? You don’t need to work with us. No strings attached, and no pushy selling. We promise. 

NO! We are proud to be a no long-term contract agency. We do not believe locking clients in to contracts is the right thing to do. We believe clients should have the right to do what is best for themselves and their business. Simply let us know about your departure 30 days prior.

We want to work with clients that are excited to work with us. The relationships we build with our clients are the most important thing to us, and we know that SEO/PPC is a long-term game.

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